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Collecting photos from personal archives of residents of Tashkent
There are not many photos left that allow us to trace the history of the Republican Children's Library. There are snaps recording the official story of the building at the city archives, but they are not enough to create a full picture of the history of the building. Personal photos from Tashkent residents are the artifacts that are an irreplaceable source to understand the story.
Ahead of the opening, the Republican Children's Library and the Art and Culture Development Foundation supervising its reconstruction, launch the collection of photos from the personal archives of the locals.
During the restoration process of the library, the project team searched archive photos of the building:
The building where the Republican Children's Library is located has a long history. The part of the building that has survived to this day is the oldest.
In the 1880s, the Vadyaev brothers, owners of the largest cotton and oil mills in Turkestan, built a small mansion in the new part of Tashkent. In 1909 the house was sold to the city. Over the years, it housed the Public Assembly, a company of the Tashkent Military School, the House of Freedom, the Tashkent Council, the State Russian Operetta Theater, and a cinema.
In 1965, the library moved into the mansion. Since then, several generations of Tashkent residents visited it. Someone came here only a couple of times, someone came constantly for love, someone even got a job and happily served for several decades - the walls of the library remember many personal stories. In rare footage found in the city archives, we see how schoolchildren of the late 60s are sitting in the study hall, and employees are standing at the main entrance on a warm May morning.
We are accepting photos, stories, and residents' memories of Uzbekistan's libraries at, on social networks, and by phone. Photos, slides and tapes will be returned after scanning.
Event single story and frame will become an invaluable contribution to the research work dedicated to the Republican Children's Library and the place it occupies in the life of the Tashkent people.
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