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Discovery during restoration: historical picturesque panels
A pleasant surprise and an unexpected discovery during the library restoration were picturesque wall panels dating back to the 60s of the XX century.
However, this is not the end of the story!
For the careful restoration and preservation of the panel, hereditary restorers from the Mesa company, originally from Turkey, were invited. Three specialists, Professor Munnever Ucher, Associate Professor Kaya Ucher, and restorer Elif Naz Ucher, have joined the restoration of our picturesque panels. Previously, this team worked on the restoration of ceiling paintings in the Topkapı Palace, the Hagia Sophia and Suleymaniye Mosques in Istanbul, and other cultural heritage sites.
Kaya Ucher shared with us the details of her discoveries:
«According to the information obtained during the restoration, we assume that the wall paintings were made in the early 60s of the last century. Our observations allow us to conclude that the paintings were made with oil paint on the surface of the wall, made from a mixture of straw and clay dried in the sun. Such material is known as kerpiç in Turkey or "saman" in Uzbekistan, and is a distinctive building material of the region. The combination of saman with oil paints made it possible to create spectacular wall paintings, which, thanks to their composition, have survived to this day. Upon completion of the restoration work, we plan to analyze the fragments of the paint layers in the restoration laboratory in Turkey. This will make it possible to draw more accurate conclusions about the attribution of the found panels».
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While Munnever Ucher shared her hypotheses as to why the panels could have been painted over and hidden from view until this summer:
«Perhaps the picturesque panels were painted over due to aging and fading of paints or visible external damage.Or, according to another version, due to the fact that the interior of the room has changed. In any case, the decision to paint over the painting completely preserved the images in the end. During the restoration of the panel, we try to clean the painting so that you can see the original painting. We plan to use traditional methods, adapting them to the unique colors and painting techniques of this work, in order to preserve the authentic character of the work. Our goal is to repair the damage and ensure that the surviving works are adequately protected».
One will see the restored picturesque panels in early September when the Republican Children's Library reopens its doors to visitors.
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